UAP Research in Germany

The Gesellschaft zur Erforschung des UFO-Phänomens – GEP e.V. is the largest UAP research organization in Germany. Founded in 1972, the non-profit organization has around 200 members.


The GEP main office is located in Lüdenscheid, North Rhine-Westphalia. From here, the GEP has investigated over 5,500 UAP reports mainly in the German-speaking countries.

Members of the GEP are conducting various research projects, and we regularly organise topic-related public events in Germany.

The GEP's own Journal für UFO-Forschung – jufof (Journal for UFO Research), which has been published since 1980, contains bimonthly documentations of investigated UFO cases as well as topic-related articles by various authors.

We are also involved in a wide range of collaborations, e.g. with other German UAP organizations, and with the Interdisciplinary Research Center for Extraterrestrial Science (IFEX) at the University of Würzburg. Proud members of the EuroUFO community!

Watch our video on YouTube about the work and projects of the GEP!

Read our journal paper on the work of the GEP, DOI: 10.23793/zfa.2023.302

Read our journal paper on Principles of Good Scientific Practice for Research on UAP, DOI: 10.59661/001c.92683

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